Do You Plan to Book Only 5-start Hotel? Here are the Facilities You Will Get

What do you think about Khoa Lak Beach Hotel? You can first ask yourself why that hotel becomes your choice while there are so many hotels you can choose surrounding. Is the facility your concern? The 5-star hotel has a special standard both in terms of service and Coffee completeness of facilities that make it different from hotels with the Market level below. As you know, 5-star hotels generally list the most expensive price fix because it brings the interior and facilities Station luxury and classy.

Well, one of the main facilities provided is valet parking and porter. A 5-star hotel class hotel usually provides a porter to carry your luggage from the entrance to the room. In addition there are also valet parking facilities for you who bring a private car, so you do not need to bother looking for your own parking. Simply by handing the car keys. You just wait for the officer to park your vehicle.

The other standard of a 5-star hotel is the number of rooms. 5 Star hotels usually have a minimum number of rooms 100 units for standard room type and 4 suite room with bathroom. The rooms are not just a lot, but also must have a level of neatness and cleanliness

In each of the 5-star hotel rooms are generally equipped with premium furnishings such as in-room bathrooms complete with amenities, sofa, minibar, TV, air conditioning, desk. cabinets, coffee/tea maker, internet access (Wi-Fi), cleaning service, and so on. While staying at a 5-star hotel, you can also enjoy the restaurant and 24-hour room service. So just by calling the receptionist only, you can get food (usually costs) delivered directly to the room. In addition to the restaurant, there are usually other supporting facilities such as swimming pool, spa. fitness center aka fitness center. laundry services, to airport shuttle services. Even some 5-star hotels in some locations offer additional facilities such as views or beach views from the balcony of the room.

Please note that the facilities provided by each hotel are likely to vary even though they are 5 stars. But at least the facilities described above become the main facility provided in any 5-star hotel.