Car Body Treatment With Ceramic Coating

For those of you who have a vehicle with four wheels, car body care has become a separate obligation for every car owner. Proper car body care will make the car look always clean and luster durable, one of the problems that often occur on the body surface of the car is the paint color that fades and makes the car look so dull. To overcome this, how to wash a good car though it will not be able to prevent car paint color fade. Especially if your car is often used every day, of course, this will accelerate the fading of the car paint color. In addition, there are several other factors that can cause the color of car paint to quickly fade, ranging from sun exposure, rainwater that requires you to provide a good car paint protector for your car. Car shields are not only used to protect car paint for long life, but also protect the car paint from scratches and other risks that can harm the car body. Currently, many car paint protectors that you can apply to your car, ranging from wax, sealant, and film protection, but now there is a more sophisticated technology that is ceramic coating san diego.

For those of you who do not know what is ceramic coating san diego then will be explained by us through this article. Please note that ceramic coating san diego uses silica-based materials with a higher density level than other paint protective cars that can make dirt, dust and other residues will be difficult to get into the pores of car paint. This is what makes ceramic coating san diego become more durable to protect car paint. The material or liquid will later be applied to the surface of the paint and the addition of sticker film at the end of the car door so that later protection on your car paint will be more leverage and persist for long periods of time. The difference between ceramic coating san diego and wax is located at the level of its molecular density. ceramic coating san diego has a smaller molecular level compared to the paint protector of the wax car that causes the dirt becomes more difficult to enter.

No wonder the use of ceramic coating san diego longer than the wax protector. In addition, the price of ceramic coating san diego is much more expensive but equivalent to the quality produced compared to other car paint protector because it is permanent and durable.