An Effective Mask To Protect From Pollution

Views of people wearing an anti-pollution mask at work or on public transport may be familiar to you. The question is, is the mask really capable of protecting you from pollution? The main purpose of wearing a mask is to prevent you from getting sick, for example from pollution that can cause problems in your respiratory tract. Although not visible, there are so many harmful substances in the air. Smooth dust or smoke, and invisible gas. One of the places you can be exposed to harmful substances is in the workplace. You may be exposed to harmful substances that may cause respiratory problems such as coughing, sneezing, chest pain, tightness, or even difficulty breathing. Masks may be protective against such harmful substances. An effective mask to block pollution is a special mask that can filter out bacteria and viruses in the air from entering the mouth and nose, such as Meanwhile, face masks made of paper or cloth are ineffective, because bacteria particles can still penetrate the mask and enter the respiratory tract.

A mask made specifically for breathing is called the N95 Respirator. This mask is different from the ordinary face mask. Although equally designed to prevent the spread of germs (viruses and bacteria), the N95 is designed to fit the face and is equipped with highly effective tools to filter harmful particles in the air, even small particles. Instead, the usual face mask feels loose and does not stick to the face. To prevent yourself from being exposed to harmful substances in the air, you need an N95 respirator mask.

Persons who have chronic respiratory, cardiovascular, or other medical conditions that make them difficult to breathe should first consult a physician regarding the use of N95. You need to work harder to breathe using the N95, which is why it’s better to ask how to use it expertly first. According to an expert from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, using a mask that does not fit the face completely will not provide protection to the body. Masks specially made for breathing may work as a protector, but it is certainly not the paper or cloth mask as is often worn by doctors during surgery. N95 is not designed for children or you have facial hair because N95 will not be able to cover the face perfectly, leaving gaps and can be entered into small particles.