How to Find Out the Quality Smartphone

When it comes time to buy a new smartphone, of course, there are several factors that you should really pay attention to. As to know your needs in which direction, whether for photography, playing games, designing importance, or other. In addition, the specification is also the most important reference when about to buy a new smartphone. Do you plan to buy the cheapest phone in singapore? It would be better to do the research and read this article first.

Well, the size of a megapixel in the camera and the number of cores in the processor is not everything. Do not be fooled! This is the true Qualified Smartphone Specification

1. Pay attention to Pixel Density

Whether or not the smartphone screen not because of its size, but on the extent to which the sharpness of the screen. The sharpness of the screen can tell whether the pixels in the screen are still visible. The higher the pixel density, the smartphone display screen becomes sharper. In the normal distance, the human naked eye can not see the image display on the smartphone with pixels greater than 256 ppi. While in sight near the human eye can see the screen up to 300 ppi and within a very close distance of about 400 ppi.

On the other hand, the larger the resolution will be to consume higher power. Make it wasteful and long-lasting. The best option is you can look for smartphones with a screen density between 300 – 500 ppi, to get the balance of performance and battery efficiency.

2. The bigger the RAM, the better

RAM is the temporary storage memory when the smartphone starts up, waiting in line for processing by the CPU. RAM is very influential and important for the speed of our smartphone process when doing multitasking. The function of RAM is to speed up data processing on the smartphone so you can switch between applications more smoothly.

The larger the RAM size on Android, the better. But if we look at the number of current Android smartphone that has reached 6GB, may look very excessive. So, for now, if you buy the cheap Android smartphone. At least choose a minimum of 2GB of RAM. For medium-sized Android smartphones, can look for smartphones with 3GB of RAM, 4GB, or more.