Stepping stones beautify your garden

When decorating a garden, you should not focus solely on ornamental plants or trees as the main complement. There are other factors that can improve the creativity with these stones. Such as the placement of paths or stepping stones. Meanwhile, if you want to hire the landscaper near me, don’t forget to ask about their service with stepping stones as well.

Stepping stones are artificial stone steps made of cement and natural stone or coral brush. This stone is commonly used for footrests to the park or to a certain corner of the house. These decorative rocks are commonly found in the market and are generally round or square.

The function of stepping stones is to keep the green grass in the garden from being stepped on when you step. Because sometimes, the footpaths on certain grass will make the growth stalled so as to reduce the beauty of the park.

How to design it?

Ask the gardener to design stepping tones in your home garden. Or if you want to install it yourself, consider the following references;

Choose a stepping stone made of sandstone that forms a rectangular box. The size can be adjusted to the area as well as the theme park.

If you want the park has a strong impression of the beauty of hardscape (hard elements), you can install a stepping stone made of concrete. This concrete walkway is matched with the brick coral.

In addition to the combination of rocks, you can fill the gaps of stepping stone with grasses. A combination like this is able to make the garden look fresher.

Stepping stone square or square shaped is more economical. However, other geometric shapes such as diamonds, circles, or other unique forms may also be taken into consideration.

When installing stepping stone, make sure you have a roadway shadow. This plot is important to connect one area to another, so its presence is not just a garden sweetener only.

Note the size of stepping stone, ideally foothold one foot the size of a stepping stone about 18 inches. In addition, measure the distance between one stepping stone with the other. Do not get this distance is made too far because it will complicate the foot when walking.