The common misunderstanding about ihram among Muslim women

Some Muslim women do not know what the Ihram means and they think it is the “hat” they wear on their heads. They dare not take it off for any reason because they think it will “cancel their Ihram”. The word Ihram is taken from Arabic, from the word “Al-Haram” which means forbidden or prevented. Named Ihram because someone who enters the ‘honor’ of the pilgrimage with his intention, he is forbidden to say and do good deeds with certain things, such as jimak, marry, say dirty words, and so forth. Apart from that, you can visit to find the excellent packages for holy pilgrimages.

From here one can take a definition of syari that Ihram is one of the intentions of two worship (ie hajj and Umrah) or both simultaneously. When you enter the state of the Ihram does not mean that you can not take it off later. And when removing the cloth does not mean that your Ihram ends. That is why scholars say that we can replace the Ihram (which means ‘our clothes’), and even wash if found dirty.