What is a Slab?

Slab (plate) is a horizontal structural element that serves to channel dead load and live load to the vertical support frame of a structural system. These horizontal elements can be made to work in one direction or work in two directions that are perpendicular (biaxial). Visit our website to fix slab foundation.

According to the structure system, the plates can be divided into 3 groups:

1. Plate thin small deflection

The small deflection plate is a plate with a thickness ratio of the shortest side length <= 1/20 (smaller or equal to) and the deflection size is <= 0.20 thick of the plate.

2. Plate thin big deflection

The large deflection plate is the designation for plates with thickness ratio to the shortest side length <= 1/20 accompanied by the deflection size> 0.20 plate thickness.

3. Plates thick

Medium thick plate criteria are used for plates that have a thickness of> 1/20 times the shortest side length.

In addition to the structure based system, the plates can be divided based on the ratio between length and width, this division is

1. One-way plates

It is called one-way plates if the plates have a comparison between length and width> = 2 (width or equal to). One-way plates are commonly used and designed as beams of a certain width and accompanied by shrinkage in the perpendicular direction of the bending reinforcement.

2. Two-way plates

If the ratio between length and width <2 is called a two-way plate. Design methods on two-way plates can be various, such as semi-elastic approach, tired line method and path method.

The plate is a structural element that is often used on bridges or overpasses. Plates on a bridge or overpass have functions such as the separation between the lower chamber and the upper chamber of the bridge, the place of the electrical wiring and the lighting of the lower chamber, dampening the noise from the upper or lower chambers, adding to the horizontal rigidity of the building, and as the foundation vehicles passing by. But in using the plates in a bridge there are many things that need to be taken into account in order for the bridge to function safely.