Why Do People Use WordPress for Their Blogging Needs?

Do you know how to use wordpress? Do you already know why many people benefit from the use of WordPress for their blog? There are so many reasons why you should choose WordPress for your website, While on wordpress.org itself you are free to download from the site, WordPress CMS software that can be installed on a free host server you choose. you are free to advertise on your site or make an online shop with WordPress cms. If you still have doubts, here are some reasons why you should use WordPress.

WordPress is Open Source

This is one that makes WordPress growing rapidly, open source. With features and functionality that is complete like a post, comment, easy installation, gallery, spam box, plugin and more. By making it open source it allows a lot of developers out there who contribute, so if there is a kind of bug that makes the threat into the WordPress cms system then they will close it as soon as possible. Need to understand, open source is not the same as for free, there is a must you pay if you want to install WordPress on the server, you have to rent the server hosting and domain.

Content Management System Reliable

CMS (content management system) helps you by creating or adding page content easily. You can easily add text, image, status and even product content whenever you want, with just a few simple steps.

WordPress Easy to Use

Anyone would agree, at first me and some of my friends who just tried to use WordPress agreed to say that WordPress is easy to use. I am sure for anyone who just learned to use WordPress for no more than an hour he would have been able to use to just edit or add content into it. Operating WordPress is no more complicated than operating a Microsoft word. With WordPress, you can create a single page of content with widgets by just doing a few clicks.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

If you are an SEO player you definitely agree with me. Yes, WordPress is SEO friendly. The proof it, when you type in two keywords in the search engine, must find one or two webs using WordPress in the top sequences. WordPress is created with a structure that allows search engines to read your web pages.